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Top-down alignment of your team's
collective energy.

  • a full day, typically 9am - 4:30pm
  • 4 segments:
    UKE 101
    your people learn to make music on the ukulele in less than 3 hours
    after lunch, everyone is sent off in small groups with 40 minutes to learn an easy song and integrate simple performance considerations we specify
    groups re-convene for a performance by each group in front of their peers as the audience
    the balance of the afternoon connects concepts in group energy flow and collective creative health to the experience of learning to play, produce and present using the ukulele
  • the day ends with a group performance of a finale song, a perfect illustration of how collaborative energy is channeled for achievement of a common goal

  • participants keep their ukes! (+ a wall-mount hook)
  • interactive, high energy and engaging
  • 100% turn-key: you handle space and refreshments
  • they'll talk about it forever