I'm telling you, this is good!

Sustaining impact + smiles.
In all its simplicity, the ukulele is the coolest instrument on the planet.
The ukulele does justice to any style of music. It's rhythmic, it's chordal, and EASY TO LEARN. We use it in all UKOPOLIS offerings.

NEW! THE UKULELE NOONER 1h/week x 10 weeks
A ukulele lunch break within your workplace.
This weekly diversion will have your employees mixing and making music together from their very first hour together. No experience necessary: we start at the beginning. All we need is some space and your help in getting the word out. We handle registration online.
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We use the experience of learning, producing, rehearsing and performing to align the collective energy of your team. The ukulele puts everyone in neutral. Smiles form and energy flows and we make music. We take your team through lite challenges that improve energy, collaboration, creativity and potential.
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TEAM-BUILDING: ENERGY ADJUSTMENT (3 hours that feel like 1)
A perfect 3-hour plugin to your offsite plan and groups of ANY size. In addition to team-building, this offering is an awesome client entertainment alternative on its own or at trade shows, industry functions etc.
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